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At Urban Kulture, we are proud of the relationship we've formed with the participants of our workshops over the years. Once you've completed our course, you qualify for membership to one of our exclusive Facebook groups. In these groups, you'll be able to ask questions of your peers as well as interact with our founder, Aaron Boyer, to get your mushrooms growing great!

We support you along the way as you enjoy the hobby of mycology, from passing along knowledge to providing you with the best spawn to purchase. Here's what some of our past participants have said...

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"I had dreamed about learning mushroom cultivation but it wasn’t till Aaron Boyer came to town last March offering an affordable local option, that it became a reality. I can not recommend this highly enough. The course itself was comprehensive, the materials first rate but the real gem is the Facebook group. Always there for questions and answers, support and inspiration, we even share materials with each other. I have managed to keep one strain alive and fruiting for nine months now! This was my latest harvest. As a cook I love the end product, as a warrior in the war against waste I love that I can grow these in waste, wood shavings from a local furniture maker and coffee grounds from a cafe in buckets from my local kebab shop. It has changed my life."


"I attended a class with Urban Kulture about a month ago in Busselton, WA. Aaron was so knowledgeable; it was somewhat overwhelming. But after soaking in the information and actually doing some hands-on stuff at the workshop, I walked away being an L-plated Fungal Wizard! We received an email after the workshop with all the steps to growing your own mushies! Not only that I was added to a Facebook page, which is filled with likeminded people who also partook in the workshops. Which has ongoing support and lots of fungal experiments! I would highly recommend Urban Kulture if you’re interested in growing mushrooms or just interested in them. Super fun & super informative."



"Aaron B. sure knows his stuff, and his passion for all things fungal is ... infectious! If you have an Urban Kulture workshop coming up near you, DO IT!  Aaron shares all the secrets of successful mycoculture, and you'll be growing heaps of mushrooms in a very short space of time.


"I attended a mushroom growing course with Aaron in Central Tilba earlier this year. Got some great tips on growing mushrooms at home and picked up some pink oyster grain spawn.  Now harvesting 1-3 kg oyster mushrooms weekly and selling at my local market."



"I had some interest in cultivating my own mushies before but was a little overwhelmed with researching, without a doubt doing this course was THE BEST place to start!! Aaron made everything so easy to understand and having a Facebook group in the aftermath was brilliant to see how everyone, past and present, was doing! As well as finding out there were people just as obsessed with fungi as me." 


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