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Wed, 11 May


Plus Q & A time until no more questions

The 5-Minute Mushroom Kit (US West Coast)

This is a short course in beginners mushroom cultivation. You will learn our '5-minute mushroom kit' technique to make your very own mushroom kits at home. This is the fastest and easiest mushroom kit creation technique around.

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The 5-Minute Mushroom Kit (US West Coast)
The 5-Minute Mushroom Kit (US West Coast)

Time & Location

11 May 2022, 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Plus Q & A time until no more questions

About the event

Welcome to the School of Fungal Wizardry!

This is our latest, most simplified, hour long introductory gourmet and medicinal mushroom cultivation course. 

It's 'all you need to know to get you growing as fast as possible.'

Here's what you need to know:

  • The lingo – the 5 words you need to know to start speaking mushroom cultivation
  • The technique – Learn to create your very own mushroom growing kits in only 5 minutes
  • The aftercare – How to successfully ignore your kits as they do their thing
  • The fruiting – The part where you grow the mushrooms!
  • The multiple harvests – how to get as many mushrooms out of your kits as possible
  • The supplies – what to get and where to get it from

You will also receive: 

 1) access to the ‘5-minute mushroom kit’ community group on our very own Urban Kulture app, to show off your grows or for troubleshooting!

2) Unlimited access to the on demand video course to refresh what you learn. The course is broken up into easily digestible 5 to 10 minute segments so you can skip straight to the part you need.

There is no specialised or expensive equipment needed for this technique. The total cost for all materials to make a single kit is around $3 AUD.

Not only will you have all the mushrooms you can eat, you will never need to buy another birthday or Christmas gift again. Mushroom kits for everyone!

Buy it today and you will get:

Our live online workshop, unlimited access to the on demand video course plus the website/app community group for only $75 AUD (approx $56 US)

$55 AUD limited early bird tickets available (approx $41)

So if you want to learn the fastest and simplest growing technique from someone that has taught over 10,000 fungal wizards since 2016 then this is the course for you!

*All you need to know to get growing is taught in an hour, after that I will stay on the call for as long there are questions to be answered..

** Whilst I developed and refined this course in Australia, all the materials and methods are valid for the US. 

She'll be right mate..


What if I’m not a green thumb?

You don’t have to be good with plants to make this work for you. In fact, I'm personally terrible with plants and all their constant demands! Mushroom kits are mostly set and forget. Generally the more you ignore them, the better they do.

I live in a small apartment, is this suitable for me?

No problem! These kits are no fuss. They are small and don't take much room at all. You can keep them on a bookshelf, under the bed, in the bathroom or any other nook or cranny you can spare!

Do they smell? Aren't mushrooms grown on poop?

The kits are virtually smell free, we are not growing on manure or anything messy, dirty or smelly. These kits are suitable for everyone.

I’ve bought a mushroom kit before and it didn’t work?

Unless you are going through a reputable supplier. purchased mushroom kits can be hit and miss. You don't know how long they have been on the shelf for or what conditions they were stored in and they don't come with a great deal of troubleshooting info on the box. The kits you make will be as fresh as they get and not only do you have detailed instructions in the course, you have a troubleshooting community group with direct access to me and where all participants are using the same technique.

What varieties can I grow using this technique?

The varieties that can be grown using this technique can be put into 2 categories:    High Success: All Oyster varieties, King Trumpet (aka King Oyster), Flame caps (aka chestnut), Cubensis (not legal in most countries), Reishi, Turkey Tail    Medium Success (More prone to contamination, higher inoculation rate and more attention to cleanliness needed): Lions Mane, Shiitake (3782 and S75 strains), Nameko, Pioppino

Do I need to purchase any expensive equipment?

This technique requires no special or expensive equipment. Everything you need is cheap and readily available.


  • The 5-Minute Mushroom Kit

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