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Aaron Boyer, the founder and Chief Fungal Wizard at Urban Kulture, began his mushroom tale in 2010, when he left his hometown of Perth in a van and began his extended travels across the country.  A vegetarian and environmentalist, he sought to grow and connect with food in a meaningful way.  After killing way too many lettuce plants, he stumbled upon experiments in the U.S. that included growing mushrooms from old coffee grounds.


He headed to his local café, scored a few buckets of used coffee grounds and continued his research to refine his techniques.  With a bit of magic, he grew his first batch and was hooked.  Over the next two years, he spent endless hours researching and started his first business, called Eco-Friendly Fungi.  He ended up supplying local restaurants and farmers markets with freshly grown, local mushrooms.


Soon, he was selling spawn to other farmers, delivering 100 kilos of mushrooms a week to clients and even organised his first workshops. 


"I realized the passion I had for sharing my knowledge, so I decided to focus Urban Kulture on that", he said. "I've been on the road for almost three years holding workshops throughout Australia, and I'll continue to do so until no one shows up".

Aaron and his team of amazing fungal facilitating wizards continue to travel throughout Australia, living on the road while working on developing new courses, private workshops and other offerings.



aaron boyer

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